The Time Traveler’s Wife (with spoiler alert)

I am not sure why I didn’t read this book when it first came out and everyone else was reading it.  Eventually, enough people recommended it that I picked up a used copy and stuck it in my overflowing bookcase to read later……

Nothing like a broken ankle to make you take a look at that bookshelf . Ususally those current library books were always piling up and demanding to be read first with due dates looming over me so I never got around to the ones I owned. I am definitely not stopping by the library weekly in my housebound state these days. Speaking of which, I should really clear up those overdue fines.

I gave this book a 5 star rating because the premise is so original and so well done.  The writing is quite good and the story is complex and engrossing. I think I was especially drawn to the idea of the female main character being stuck waiting for the time traveling love interest to appear – as I sit stuck in my house waiting for people to appear (and bring dinner or drive my children or best yet, bring a coffee/sit/talk).

While this book is very good, I was very disappointed in the ending, or at least my take on the end.  Again, I may be projecting myself onto it but that’s what reading is anyway.  I think.  At the end of the book but when the character is in her 30’s, the time traveling husband dies but says that one day, as an old woman, she will see him again. Then we skip four decades into the future and see her sitting and waiting for him. What about her life without him? Motherhood? Her art? Her love life? She was passive for most of the book because she was “stuck” in her time and had to wait for him to appear. But after he dies, she is still stuck waiting. Perhaps I am unsympathetic to her grief but I really hoped she would have had a more fulfilling life without the leading man.


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