Oh, what to read, what to read?

It used to be my fantasy to have a whole day to sit around reading.  Now, with a painful broken ankle and a summer to do just that, I’m determined to stay positive and enjoy at least the reading part of the summer.  It has to counterbalance all the guilt about not being able to do anything for my family and sadness about not going much of anywhere……

My short list of books I’ve always meant to read, which I have purchased over the years used, is below. I have an entire bookcase full of books to read once I can hobble over to choose.  And I’d love other suggestions, please.

Middlemarch, Seabiscuit, The Lacuna, Angle of Repose, The Time Traveler’s Wife


2 thoughts on “Oh, what to read, what to read?

  1. A quick scan of my bookshelf reminds me of these favorites: The Moviegoer by Walker Percy, They Cane Like Swallows by William Maxwell and Jhumpa Lahiri, Unaccustomed Earth. All three available for loan, if you like!


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