The right book at the right time

One of my I can’t believe I’ve never reads is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” so I was happy when my book club picked it.  I started it, I liked it.  I knew it wasn’t action-packed but the lovely writing…… and just when the sentimentality and the teenage inner voice started to grate on me a tad –

I took a bad tumble in my driveway, broke my ankle in three places and the next three months suddenly didn’t look so good.

We are trying to keep our sense of perspective and humor about it all.  But with three kids and three pets and a 4 floor house, 8-12 weeks in a non-weight bearing cast is not an easy thing to imagine.

And then I picked up “A Tree” again and instant perspective. They are looking for spare pennies to buy food and I have friends dropping off gourmet and home made treats by the bag.  Every part of their lives were desperate and on the edge, I have a wonderful husband and fabulous friends and neighbors just a cell phone text away.

I finished the book and it definitely dragged for me but it will always be tied in with this challenging time and I’m grateful for the perspective.


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