Hello, Blog

Ok, so I’m a reader. A judge-y reader at that. But now I want to write. So everyone else can judge me.  Go ahead, I deserve it.

I promise to write about things I know.  Books. Kids. Special needs. Staying at home mom stuff. Beauty products. Tote bags. Clogs.  Being vegetarian. It’s going to be fascinating, I promise.  But please be kind. At least, at the beginning.

Oh, and I know great writers.  So I can at least link to some really good writing.

Deadlines, I will post something every week.   Starting next week.


6 thoughts on “Hello, Blog

  1. I just want to say that I am so happy to be one of the first people to pull up a chair at this blog– it’s going to be awesome. I will be here every week waiting for the post. Carry on.


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